James P. Aram, MD
James P. Aram, MD
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Needing Assistance?
Do you need assistance?

If so, we’re here to help.
What is the average number of meals you eat per day?
Do you skip medications to make them last longer?
Do you need assistance with medical transportation?

Do you need help with insurance coverage? 
If you have a caregiver that you would like us to share this information with please leave their name and number with us.
Our office is dedicated to helping our patients with every aspect of life.

Please let us know through the portal, or notifying us verbally or through a form we have at the front desk. Any information would be confidential in accordance with HIPPA guidelines 

Brunswick Family Practice
Getting the help you needOften times patients have unmet needs we are not aware of, or they may feel to embarrassed to reveal. We want you to know we are here to help. We can get you in touch with community services and resources that you may not be aware of. First though we need to know. Tell us if you have any issues in the areas noted or any other problems not listed so we can assist you in contacting outside agencies that may be able to help!

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